Waste Recycling Manchester

Skip Hire Manchester Recycling Facilities

The waste from the skips we collect around Manchester is never wasted! Our investment in our recycling services are the core business of Skip Hire Manchester. 

Have you ever wondered what happens to the waste from your skips? The waste collected from your skips in and around Manchester is brought back to our recycling center in Salford. Each skip is weighed and assessed before being sent to our Materials Recycling Facility.

The waste is then sent to our sorting operation in the main sorting facility.

In this area large items are removed and placed in the sorting bays depending on the type of waste, such as wood, glass, plastics etc – large, bulky items are removed before passing through the picking lines.

Plastic's  and cardboard at this stage is removed and sent to the baling hall. Depending on the type of plastics, some plastics are not suitable for baling, these are sent to our new specialist plastic recycling facility.

The feed hopper is used for the remaining waste, this carries the waste up to the picking lines. Timber, card, plastic, glass and metals  are removed. A special rotating sieve is then used to separate the soil and small particles.

The last part of the recycling process divides some materials into clean hardcore used for the building and construction industry and other waste which is separated using magnets or air is used to generate energy from your waste. 

Your waste travels from a Skip in Manchester through our recycling plant to provide energy to power a light in Manchester or provide the hardcore materials for the construction of new roads or tramlines in Manchester.